Electronic Delivery of Documents in Procedures

Please be informed that the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia (JAZMP) is introducing electronic delivery of issued documents through the new system for central e-delivery, SI-CeV.


Electronic delivery of documents through SI-CeV is compliant with regulations, namely the General Administrative Procedure Act (ZUP) (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 24/06 – official consolidated text, 105/06 – ZUS-1, 126/07, 65/08, 8/10, 82/13, 175/20 – ZIUOPDVE, and 3/22 – ZDeb), the Administrative Operations Regulation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 9/18, 14/20, 167/20, 172/21, 68/22, 89/22, and 135/22), and the Rules on Envelopes, Delivery Notes, and Other Notices for Delivery in Administrative Procedure (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 89/22), and enables delivery to:

  • citizens, business entities, or other authorities, in their secure electronic mailboxes, established with providers of secure electronic mailboxes,
  • information systems of other authorities,
  • citizens who have established their secure electronic mailboxes on the eUprava portal.

According to the provisions of the aforementioned regulations, the following methods of electronic delivery are possible:

  1. Delivery via SI-CeV to secure electronic mailboxes:

To register and obtain a secure electronic mailbox, an electronic identity in the form of qualified digital certificate is needed. The list of EU trust services providing qualified digital certificates can be found here.

Please note that delivery to a secure electronic mailbox is more reliable and safer than delivery to a regular electronic mailbox.

  1. Other methods of delivery via SI-CeV:

In accordance with Article 86a of ZUP, the SI-CeV system also allows the following two delivery options

  • to regular electronic mailboxes (e.g., Gmail, …) with receipt confirmation using a unique identification number for document retrieval, which the recipient receives via SMS on their mobile phone, and
  • to regular electronic mailboxes (e.g., Gmail, …) without receipt confirmation (in this case the document is automatically considered to be delivered and collected by the recipient on the 15th day after the document was sent).


We kindly ask stakeholders to register a secure electronic mailbox on the portal https://www.vep.si/ (help: https://www.vep.si/podpora/) and notify us of the new mailbox address at .

If you have not yet established a secure electronic mailbox, please provide your regular email address when sending your applications to JAZMP, to which you would like us to deliver documents (as in point 2. above – Other methods of delivery via SI-CeV). To enable tracking of dispatched documents we additionally ask you to provide your mobile phone number, to which an unique identification number will be sent by text message enabling you to retrieve the documents in your mailbox.

The legal basis stipulates that the authority can at their discretion decide to perform the delivery physically i.e. in paper despite the recipient’s request to receive e-mail at an unsecure electronic mailbox. On a case-by-case basis JAZMP will consider whether delivery to a regular electronic mailbox is sufficient to achieve the aim of informing the recipient and ensuring that the recipient does not evade delivery.

More information on electronic delivery can be found at the following hyperlink, where a list of secure electronic mailbox providers for electronic delivery, authorized by the ministry, is also published:


Frequently asked questions regarding e-delivery can be found at the link:


For additional questions, please contact .

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