Notice on the method of payment of fees

In accordance with the fourth paragraph of Article 3 of the Rules on fees in the area of medicines (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 65/11) and the third paragraph of Article 3 of the Rules relating to fees in the field of medical devices (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 37/10) we are announcing a new method of managing the fees, starting from 1st February 2015.

The new method will not impose any additional work on applicants. The change to fee processing will simplify the method of payment along with providing for appropriate record-keeping of the transferred funds by types of application.

The procedure for the submission of applications remains unchanged. Applicants will, however, receive a notice on the method of fee payment via e-mail and are, therefore, requested NOT TO TRANSFER PAYMENT BEFORE THE SUBMISSION OF THEIR APPLICATION. The notice will include the legal basis for the payment of fees, the amount to be transferred, a reference number and a deadline for payment. WHEN MAKING THE PAYMENT OF THE FEE, PLEASE QUOTE THE REFERENCE NUMBER FROM THE WRITTEN NOTICE.

To this end, applications should also include the e-mail address to which the notice is to be sent. Please, create special e-mail for these purposes.

JAZMP will monitor payments of fees via e-mail: . Should you require any further information, please contact us via e-mail or by phone on +386 8 2000 584.

Thank you for your understanding! 

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