The Development Strategy of JAZMP 2024 – 2027 describes the strategic directions for the future period and complements previous strategies in accordance with fundamental values and considering changes in the international and national environment. An effective regulatory system and equal and professional inclusion in the EU network enable rapid access to new medicines and better insight into drug shortages.


In the fields of medicinal products, medical devices, blood, tissues and cells, the Agency acts in the public interest and for the common good by protecting public health and thus providing for the health of both people and animals. As a proposer of policies and a coordinator of experts, the Agency helps to shape the social environment by creating value and investing in its own capacities. With its professional procedures, regulatory activities and supervision, the Agency also enables and promotes the accessibility of products and the activities of stakeholders that contribute to advances in science and the profession to the benefit of the whole of society.


Health protection is effectively delivered by the Agency, a modern, reputable and internationally recognised institution ensuring the provision of safe, effective and accessible medicinal products and compliant medical devices and other products in its field of activity to all citizens. This is achieved through professionalism, an agile approach and lifelong learning, with collaboration with national and international partners for the benefit of the community.


Patient-centred – We put the protection of public health and the interests of users of medicinal products, medical devices, blood, tissues and cells first.
Integrity – We act independently, lawfully, transparently and responsibly, in accordance with legally permissible objectives and moral and ethical principles, given the Agency’s important role in society and irrespective of an individual’s position within the Agency.
Expertise – We carry out our tasks according to the principles of quality, taking into consideration high standards and scientific and professional advances in health in a way that puts the patient first.
Cooperation – We work in a collaborative way, with mutual respect and trust and openness to diversity.
Personal development – We create an environment that provides encouragement and motivation and produces committed, determined, courageous, proactive and satisfied co-workers.

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