Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is gaining importance in systemic activities that assure access to important medicines to the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and European Union. Its mainstream is dedicated to the assessment of relative effectiveness of medicines or relative performance of medical devices. Applying scientific methodology, the presence of added value of health-related products and services related to the current standard of care or other comparators is assessed. HTA deliverables can serve as basis for further economic evaluations of the products and services and can support downstream pricing and reimbursement decisions.

In the Republic of Slovenia, HTA is currently not performed in a dedicated HTA institution. JAZMP is currently not an HTA competent authority, but is in the position to perform HTA-related tasks as defined in Article 182 of the Medicinal Products Act (Uradni list RS [Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia], No. 17/2014 and 66/2019).

Administrative and professional tasks of JAZMP pertaining to the evaluation of medical technologies include the cooperation with other institutions of the national health reseau with the aim to prepare HTA reports, as well as the use of regulatory/professional expertise and JAZMPs’ official databases to support HTA processes on the national and international level.

In addition, JAZMP is also involved in the ongoing EU-level HTA activities of the EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 project (2016 – 2020) , where it is taking part as one of the two affiliated entities (the other is the National Institute of Public Health) to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry is acting as the national partner in the project. JAZMP is actively involved in the implementation stream of the project at the level of three (out of seven) work packages. In the implementation stream, HTA information (WP4 – Joint Production) for priority technologies will be produced collaboratively based on the methods and recommendations generated so far by EUnetHTA. This output will be then implemented on a national level (WP7 – National Implementation), in a way also to closely relate to additional evidence needed for the decision making process in that country (WP5 – Evidence Generation). In general, the objective of EUnetHTA JA3 is to increase the use, quality and efficiency of joint HTA work at European level to efficiently support policy- and decision-making in the health systems.

JAZMP is also participating in the European Commission initiative for the strengthening of the EU cooperation on HTA and the development of future HTA collaboration model at the EU level.

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