Reporting of adverse reactions to medicinal products


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You may also submit a report on a printed form, (Initiates file downloadlink) which you send to the national pharmacovigilance centre at:

Javna agencija Republike Slovenije za zdravila in medicinske pripomočke
Sektor za farmakovigilanco
Nacionalni center za farmakovigilanco
Slovenčeva 22
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 (8) 2000 500
Faks: +386 (8) 2000 510

Treatment with medicinal products also brings risks related to adverse reactions to medicinal products. A perfectly safe medicinal product does not exist. Although the safety of medicinal products is thoroughly examined even before the marketing licence may be obtained, some adverse reactions (particularly the rare ones) and some interactions may only be detected when the medicinal product is marketed and is used in regular clinical practice (the effect of genetic factors, longer treatments than in clinical TRIALS, population aspects, etc.). The so-called spontaneous reports (reports submitted directly by healthcare professionals and patients) are one of the ways of monitoring the medicinal product during the entire period of its use. This information and comparison with information from other sources may significantly contribute to the assessment of potential risks.

According to the Medicinal Products Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia [Uradni list RS], No. 17/14) and Rules on pharmacovigilance of medicinal products for use in human medicine (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia [Uradni list RS], No. 57/14 and 27/17) reporting on suspected adverse drug reactions is mandatory for healthcare professionals. The term suspected adverse reaction is used for reporting and means that suspicion is sufficient for reporting any adverse reaction related to the medicinal product. Healthcare professionals must report to the national pharmacovigilance centre within 15 days of detecting the suspected adverse reaction.

A patient (parents, carers) may also report a suspected adverse reaction, but we advise that they first talk to their physician, pharmacist or other healthcare professional about the suspected adverse reaction. Healthcare professional must report the suspected adverse reaction to the national pharmacovigilance centre. The physician will also be able to evaluate whether the adverse reaction to the medicinal product requires any actions regarding treatment, and will also submit additional information for evaluation the causal relation with the medicinal product.

Adverse reactions to medicinal products and their frequency are listed in a Summary of product characteristics (detailed information about the medicinal product for healthcare professionals) and in a package leaflet (patient information included in every packaging of the medicinal product). Summaries of product characteristics and package leaflets are published in the Centralna baza zdravil (Medicinal products database). For medicinal products authorised through a centralised procedure (type of the procedure is indicated in the Centralna baza zdravil) this information is available at the EMA website.

Every submitted report is important for the monitoring of medicinal product safety. Please report any suspicion that you or your patient may be experiencing an adverse reaction which might be related to a medicinal product.

For detailed instructions about reporting, see:
Initiates file downloadHow to report a suspected adverse drug reaction



Reporting on suspected adverse reactions makes medicinal products safer

Reporting helps

Reporting is improving




With the launch of new EudraVigilance System on 22 November 2017, Marketing authorisation holder (MAH) should report ICSRs in line with the simplified reporting rules to EudraVigilance database only. There is no longer the need to test the reporting with JAZMP. For further details on the launch of new EudraVigilance System please see the JAZMP press release.

Reporting timelines:
Serious ADRs – 15 days
Non-serious ADRs – 90 days

The list of local literature to be reviewed by MAH for the reporting of literature cases

- Zdravniški vestnik (Slovensko zdravniško društvo)
- Farmacevtski vestnik (Slovensko farmacevtsko društvo)
- Medicinski razgledi (Društvo Medicinski razgledi)
- Tavčarjevi dnevi – zbornik (Medicinska fakulteta Ljubljana)
- Simpozij o urgentni medicini – zbornik (Slovensko združenje za urgentno medicino)
- Derčevi dnevi –zbornik (Medicinska fakulteta Ljubljana)

The full literature article should be sent to e.mail address including the E2B report identification number (EudraVigilance Safety report ID). MAH should not report the literature cases for the substances from selected literature as published by European Medicines Agency (EMA). For more details on monitoring of medical literature by EMA please see the JAZMP press release.

Email if you have questions on reporting of ADRs.