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01.03.2024P301-49/2024RaySearch Laboratories AB, SE RayStation
04.03.2024P301-50/2024Covidien Ilc, ZDA
Auto Suture™ Structural Balloon Trocar, Auto Suture™ Blunt Tip Trocar
04.03.2024P301-51/2024QuidelOrtho (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Inc), ZDAVITROS Performance Verifiers I & II
07.03.2024P301-70/2023Siemens Healthcare
Diagnostics Inc., ZDA
Atellica IM Cortisol Assay 50 Test Kit
Atellica IM Cortisol Assay 250 Test Kit
ADVIA Centaur Cortisol Assay 50 Test Kit
ADVIA Centaur Cortisol Assay 250 Test Kit
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08.03.2024P301-54/2024DiaMed GmbH,CH
ID-DiaCell I-II-III Asia
Coombs Anti-IgG
08.03.2024P301-55/2024Exactech, Inc.,ZDAExactech Equinoxe Shoulder UHMWPE
12.03.2024P301-56/2024Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, DEPerseus A500
13.03.2024P301-58/2024QIAGEN GmbH, DEEZ2 Connect MDx
14.03.2024P301-288/2023Maquet Cardiopulmonary GmbH, DEHLS Set Advanced 5.0 / 7.0
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14.03.2024P301-188/2023ResMed Pty Ltd, AUAstral 100, Astral 150
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15.03.2024P301-59/2024Stille AB, SEImagiQ2, Operating table
15.03.2024P301-60/2024Randox Laboratories Ltd,
15.03.2024P301-61/2024Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc., USAtellica CH Iron3
18.03.2024P301-62/2024Olympus Medical Systems Corporation, JPHigh Flow Insufflation Unit
19.03.2024P301-63/2024Philips Respironics, Inc., USTrilogy Evo, Trilogy Evo O2, Trilogy EV300
19.03.2024P301-64/2024Thoratec Corporation,ZDAHeartMate 3
19.03.2024P301-65/2024Medtronic Inc., ZDA
Venous Cannulae
Arterial Cannula
Shaft with Frazier Tip
Clearview™ Intracoronary Shunt
Clearview™ Blower/Mister
DLP™ Tourniquet Kit
DLP™ Suction Tube 6-Fr. Shaft with Frazier Tip
DLP™ Suction Tube 6-Fr. Shaft with 10-Fr. Soft Tip
DLP™ Suction Tube 10 Fr. Shaft with 20 Fr. Pool Tip
DLP™ Suction Tube 16 Fr. Shaft with 20 Fr. Fluted Tip
Clearview™ Blower/Mister
Arteriovenous shunt
Intravascular extraction catheter-snare
18033: Surgical mist irrigation tip
Cardiopulmonary bypass/extracorporeal membrane oxygenation cannula, arterial
Cardiopulmonary bypass/extracorporeal membrane oxygenation cannula, venous
Coronary artery perfusion catheterSuction system catheter, general-purpose
Cardiopulmonary bypass system blood tubing set
Coronary sinus cannula
Patient monitoring system module, blood pressure, invasive
Cardioplegia cannula
Cardioplegia solution administration adaptor
DLP™ Disposable Pressure Display Set
DLP™ Coronary Ostial Perfusion Cannula
DLP™ Disposable Pressure Display Set
DLP™ Cardioplegia Needle – Neonatal
DLP™ Aortic Root Cannula
MīAR Cannulae
DLP™ “Y” Adapter – Coronary Perfusion
DLP™ Perfusion/Venting Adapter
DLP™ 30.5 cm (12 in) Multiple Perfusion Set
DLP™ 38.1 cm (15 in) Multiple Perfusion Set
DLP™ 1.8 m Pressure Monitoring Extension Line Adapter
DLP™ 50.8 cm (20 in) Extension Line Adapter
20.03.2024P301-68/2024Andratec GmbH, DEAltoSa-XL-Gemini Balloon Catheter 
21.03.2024P301-66/2024Allurion Technologies, ZDAAllurion Device/Elipse Gastric Balloon System
21.03.2024P301-69/2024Abbott Molecular, Inc., ZDAAlinity m System, 08N53-002
22.03.2024P301-70/2024Vyaire Medical GmbH, DE
Twin Tube and Twin Tube Probenschlauch ; V-707327 and 707004 / V-707327 and 707004
22.03.2024P301-71/2024Siemens Healthcare GmbH, DEArtis zee / Q / Q.zen
25.03.2024P301-72/2024Smiths Medical, ZDA –> ICU Medical, ZDACADD-Solis™ Ambulatory Infusion Pumps
26.03.2024P301-247/2022Datascope Corp. Getinge, USACardiosave Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps
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26.03.2024P301-73/2024Mathys Ltd. Bettlach, CHAffinis Inverse Drill bit 2.5, Gen2 and 3.2 Gen2
27.03.2024P301-74/2024Masimo Corporation, ZDARad-G Pulse Oximeter
29.03.2024P301-75/2024Becton, Dickinson and Company, ZDABD BACTEC™ MicroMGIT Calibration Vial
29.03.2024P301-76/2024RaySearch Laboratories AB, SE 
RayStation RayPlan 7, 8A, 8A service pack 1, 8B, 8B service pack 1, 2, 9A, 9A Service Pack 1, 9B, 9B Service Pack 1, 10A, 10A Service Pack 1, 2, 10B, 10B Service Pack 1, 11A, 11A Service Pack 1,2,3, 11B, 11B Service Pack 1,2,3 Toshiba 1, 12A, Service Pack 1,2, 2023B, 2024A 
18.04.2024P301-38/2024Abiomed Inc., ZDAImpella CP, Impella 5.5, Impella RP, Impella 5.0
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