Datum┼átevilka zadeveProizvajalecMedicinski pripomo─Źek
03.01.2024P301-190/2023Philips Medical Systems
Nederland BV, NL
Philips Allura Xper, Azurion and MultiDiagnost -El
Posodobljeno obvestilo
03.01.2024P301-1/2024Philips Medical Systems Nederland BV, NLPhilips Azurion
04.01.2024P301-2/2024L├Âwenstein Medical Innovation GmbH & Co. KG, DEelisa 300, elisa 500, elisa 600, elisa 800
05.01.2024P301-3/2024Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy, FIUrea
05.01.2024P301-4/2024Respironics, Inc. Pittsburgh, ZDATrilogy Evo and Trilogy Evo O2 ventilators
05.01.2024P301-6/2024Philips Medical Systems Nederland B.V., NLPhilips BrightView, X, XCT
08.01.2024P301-7/2024Stryker Joint Replacement, ZDAHRIS ACET CUP CUT TIP
08.01.2024P301-8/2024Becton, Dickinson and Company, ZDABD Sensi-Disc
10.01.2024P301-9/2024Lohmann & Rauscher International GmbH & Co. KG, DE
Suprasorb A+Ag Antimicrobial Ca-Alginate
10.01.2024P301-10/2024Gyrus ACMI, Inc. (Olympus Surgical Technologies America), ZDA
10.01.2024P301-11/2024GE Healthcare, ZDA
GE Healthcare Finland Oy, FI

Centricity Critical Care (CCC), vse razli─Źice
Centricity Anesthesia (CA), vse razli─Źice
Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia (CHA-A), vse razli─Źice
Centricity High Acuity Critical Care (CHA-CC), vse razli─Źice
11.01.2024P301-194/2023Olympus Medical
Systems Corporation, JP
Thunderbeat Type ÔÇô S
Posodobljeno varnostno obvestilo
12.01.2024P301-12/2024Zimmer Surgical, Inc., ZDADermacarriers
Obvestilo 1, Obvestilo 2
15.01.2024P301-14/2024HS Hospital Service SpA, ITAMICA-GEN
16.01.2024P301-13/2024SHIMADZU Corporation, JPSPD-40 CL / 228-65312-55
16.01.2024P301-15/2024Occlutech AB International, SEFigulla Flex II ASD Procedure Pack
17.01.2024P301-16/2024MAQUET SAS, FR
Maquet PowerLEDII
Lucea – Lucea10/40, Lucea50/100
Maquet Rolite
Maquet Equipment
Maquet Orchide
PowerLED300 (for the US and Canadian markets only)
Axcel / Axcel +
Hanaulux HLX3000
Hanaulux HLX2000
Hanaulux 2006/2007
G8 / G8E
Blue 100
Blue 130/90
Blue Series 30/80
Blueline Series 30/80
18.01.2024P301-18/2024Abbott Laboratories, ZDAAlinity s System
19.01.2024P301-19/20243M Company, ZDA3MÔäó Surgical / 3MÔäó Specialty Clipper Blades 
22.01.2024P301-20/2024FUJIFILM Corporation, JPDR-XD 1000 / FDR Nano
24.01.2024P301-21/2024Abbott Laboratories, ZDAAlinity s System
Obvestilo 1, Priloga
24.01.2024P301-22/2024W&H Dentalwerk B├╝rmoos GmbH, ATS-12 Handpiece
25.01.2024P301-23/2024QuidelOrtho (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Inc), ZDAVITROS Analyser System
29.01.2024P301-24/2024GE Healthcare Austria GmbH & Co OG, ATIC9-RS
29.01.2024P301-25/2024HYB d.o.o., SIhybymed IBPM Plus system
30.01.2024P301-26/2024Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc, ZDA
Atellica UAS 800 Analyzer, Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System
31.01.2024P301-27/2024Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc, ZDA
Atellica IM Erythropoietin (EPO) Assay, ADVIA Centaur Erythropoietin
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