Datum Klasifikacijski znak JAZMP Proizvajalec Medicinski pripomoček
25.04.2019 301-114/2019 Olea Medical, FR Initiates file downloadOlea Sphere V3.0 
30.04.2019 301-116/2019 GAMBRO INDUSTRIES, FR Initiates file downloadPrismaflex TPE 2000set   Prismaflex HP-X set  Prismaflex M100    Prismaflex HF1000 set   Prismaflex HF1400 set Prismaflex  ST100 set Prismaflex ST150 set Prismaflex M150 set    Septex set       Prismaflex Adsorba 150kit    Oxiris set   Oxiris S -  Initiates file downloadObvestilo, Initiates file downloadPriloga
01.05.2019 301-115/2019 Mathys AG Bettlach, CH Initiates file downloadtwinSys impactor with offset
01.05.2019 301-117/2019 Cook Incorporated, USA Initiates file downloadKwart Retro-Inject™ Stent Set and Salle Intraoperative Pyeloplasty Stent Set 
02.05.2019 301-118/2019 Axis-Shield Diagnostics Ltd, UK Initiates file downloadAlere NT-proBNP Control/Alere NT-proBNP Calibrator _ FRBNP200 /
FQBNP200 and FRBNP300 / FQBNP300
03.05.2019 301-121/2019 Zimmer GmbH, CH Foot and Ankle Inst. (Drill / Tap and Countersink) - Initiates file downloadObvestilo 1, Initiates file downloadObvestilo 2
03.05.2019 301-120/2019 Abbott Laboratories, USA Initiates file downloadARCHITECT c4000 / c8000 / c16000 Mixer
03.05.2019 301-122/2019 Covidien llc, US Initiates file downloadMahurkar™ Triple Lumen Catheter; Mahurkar™ Dual Lumen Catheter; Argyle™ Single Lumen Catheter
06.05.2019 301-266/2018 Roche Diagnostics GmbH, DE Total bilirubin IVD, kit, spectrophotometry, Lactate IVD, kit, reduction/oxidation, Lactate IVD, kit, reduction/oxidation, Total immunoglobulin M (IgM total) IVD, kit,
nephelometry/turbidimetry,  - Initiates file downloadObvestilo 1, Initiates file downloadObvestilo 2
06.05.2019 301-123/2019 Terumo Medical Corporation, US Initiates file downloadSOLOPATH® Expandable, SOLOPATH® Re-collapsible                (Portico Solo™ Abbott)         
07.05.2019 301-126/2019 DIETZ GmbH, DE Initiates file downloadLigero ; 322npu/323npu 
07.05.2019 301-125/2019 Olympus Medical Systems Corporation, JP Initiates file downloadEVIS LUCERA DUODENOVIDEOSCOPE
08.05.2019 301-127/2019 Zimmer Surgical Inc, US Alvarado™ Knee Holder -  Initiates file downloadObvestilo 1, Initiates file downloadObvestilo 2
08.05.2019 301-128/2019 Redcord AS, NO Initiates file downloadRedcord Axis
09.05.2019 301-275/2017 Radiometer Basel AG,CH Initiates file downloadTCM5 FLEX/TCM5 BASIC
09.05.2019 301-131/2019 I.T.S. GmbH, AT Initiates file downloadRim Plate, 10-Hole, Left, PRS RX System
10.05.2019 301-129/2019 Olympus Medical Systems Corporation, JP Initiates file downloadEVIS EXERA(Q190V)-/LUCERA(Q290V) DUODENOVIDEOSCOPE
10.05.2019 301-130/2019 Medtronic Inc. US Initiates file downloadAstra™, Azure™, Percepta™, Serena™, Solara™
16.05.2019 301-147/2019 Sinapi Biomedical (Pty) Ltd, ZA Initiates file downloadSinapi Chest Drain
16.05.2019 301-133/2019 Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc, US Initiates file downloadAtellica and ADVIA Creatine Kinase (CK_L) Reagent
16.05.2019 301-134/2019 Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy, FI Tests based on NAD(H)/NADP(H) reaction, see  ALT/GPT (IFCC)
Creatine Kinase (IFCC)
Glucose (Hexokinase) without sample blank  - Initiates file downloadObvestilo 1, Initiates file downloadObvestilo 2
16.05.2019 301-135/2019 TERUMO Cardiovascular Systems, US Initiates file downloadElectronic Patient Gas System Flowmeter - APS1
20.05.2019 301-136/2019 Leonhard Lang GmbH, AT Mindray- ; Weinmann defibrillation electrodes -  Initiates file downloadObvestilo 1, Initiates file downloadObvestilo 2
20.05.2019 301-137/2019 Abbott Laboratories, US Initiates file downloadARCHITECT Complement C3                                 
  ARCHITECT Immunoglobulin A                            
 ARCHITECT Immunoglobulin G                             ARCHITECT Immunoglobulin M                          
 ARCHITECT Apolipoprotein A1                               ARCHITECT Complement C4                                       ARCHITECT Haptoglobin                                         
    ARCHITECT Apolipoprotein B                        
      ARCHITECT Transferrin                                             
20.05.2019 301-138/2019 Abbott, DE Initiates file downloadAlinity c Complement C3 Reagent Kit                  
Alinity c Immunoglobulin A Reagent Kit              
Alinity c Immunoglobulin G Reagent Kit             
Alinity c Immunoglobulin M Reagent Kit            
Alinity c Apolipoprotein A1 Reagent Kit              
Alinity c Complement C4 Reagent Kit                
Alinity c Haptoglobin Reagent Kit                          
Alinity c Apolipoprotein B Reagent Kit                 
Alinity c Transferrin Reagent Kit                             
22.05.2019 301-139/2019 REGENYAL LABORATORIES SRL, IT Initiates file downloadREGENYAL IDEA
22.05.2019 301-144/2019 Gambro Lundia AB, SE (Baxter) Initiates file downloadPrismaflex System, Prismaflex 4.11, Prismaflex 5.00 Row, Prismaflex 6.10 Row, Prismaflex 7.XX Row, Prismaflex 8.XX Row
22.05.2019 301-140/2019 Roche Diagnostics GmbH, DE Initiates file downloadIGA-2 (Tina-quant IgA Gen.2)
23.05.2019 301-83/2019 Randox Laboratories Ltd, UK Initiates file downloadG-6-PDH Control Deficient and Normal _ PD2617, PD2618
23.05.2019 301-141/2019 Abbott, DE Initiates file downloadAlinity ci-series System Control Module
23.05.2019 301-142/2019 Medtronic MiniMed , ZDA GuardianTM Connect Application -  Initiates file downloadObvestilo 1, Initiates file downloadObvestilo 2
23.05.2019 301-143/2019 Roche Diagnostics GmbH, DE Initiates file downloadElecsys Syphilis (200 test/kit)
27.05.2019 301-148/2019 NANJING MINDRAY BIO-MEDICAL ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD, CN Initiates file downloadLED Surgical Light
27.05.2019 301-149/2019 Philips Medical Systems, USA Initiates file downloadheartStart MRx Defibrillator/Monitor
28.05.2019 301-145/2019 Abbott Laboratories, ZDA Initiates file downloadARCHITECT BNP Calibrator kit
28.05.2019 301-146/2019 Teleflex Medical, ZDA Initiates file downloadSheridan Close Fitting Endotracheal Tube
Sheridan Endotracheal Tube
Sheridan HVT Endotracheal Tube
Sheridan HVT EZ-Endo Endotracheal Tube
Sheridan Preformed Endotracheal Tube
Sheridan Uncuffed Endotracheal Tube
29.05.2019 301-184/2018 Beckman Coulter, ZDA Initiates file downloadUniCel DxH 800/600 Cellular Analysis Systems
29.05.2019 301-150/2019 Fluoron GmbH, DE Initiates file downloadBrilliant Peel ; 0.5 ml syringe/0,5 ml Spritze / G-
29.05.2019 301-151/2019 GE Healthcare, US Initiates file downloadCentricity Universal Viewer
29.05.2019 301-152/2019 Covidien Ilc, USA Initiates file downloadEndo GIA™  Surgical Stapling Single Use Loading units, Tri-Staple™ 2.0 Intelligent Reloads and Cartridges
31.05.2019 301-153/2019 Siemens Healthcare GmbH, DE Initiates file downloadARTIS zee and AXIOM Artis ; see enclosure / see